Rooms of the Abbey

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Startling Discoveries in the Parlor !!!
 Things can get a little creepy at the Abbey, no doubt. This weekends overwhelming fright was opening ye old flat backed jelly cupboards and finding.........
 FABRIC ! FABRIC ! FABRIC ! FAB...ok, youve got the idea.
 In the front parlor are 2 large, matching, vintage jelly cupboards which, due to a nasty accumulation of junk 'n' stuff, I had not paid attention to for quite sometime. This weekends mingle featured Kelley C. (aka JunqueyGal) and her mystical,magical stitchery machine along with totes of vintage trims, buttons and baubles. It re-ignited the dampened fuse in my brain and ,*poof*!, I recalled the stash stuffed cupboards.
 As with any overwhelming matter requiring sharp synaptic skills to be employed under a certain calm, levelheadedness , we hustled our bustles and got to sorting out vintage linen from lace & barkcloth then began fastidiously cutting, piecing, and sewing........
 Totes, purses, wristlets and whatnots to be worked and embellished like the pantry maids latest gossip.
 Colorful, spring accessorizing wrist cuffs from the artsy, to the feminine and farm girl ~*
 Ohhhhh la la ! Exquisite vintage furrier labels reFURbished with a bit of Paris panache.
 Digging through the hoard, I came upon my small collection of vintage Steiff hand puppets. My wee sister fell in pure love with Daniel Striped Tiger and fond memories of the iconic, beloved Mr. Rogers filled our hearts.....Kelly even broke into her "Mew mew meow meow" Henrietta Pussy Cat voice :)
 Finding wonderful things you'd forgotten you ever had is better than the best of Christmases. Faded vintage pink and violet hued Roses on a background of overcast sky gray ....sigh....
 Antique precision handwork of delicate clover on white cotton caused my heart to skip a beat....
 I fashioned this Fox Hunt Hound wristlet cuff while Kelley went a bit more glamourous and created a thing of bling from vintage trims and lovely bold, blue Pomegranate pin.
 Day lent itself to eve and onward into the night we did sew and forge fabrics while Kelly L. (aka, my littlest sibling) ,wire wrapped some OOAK rings from natural stones and old jewel remnants, befitting of a Queens crown.
 This mingle turned into a sleep-over, weekend retreat as how can one possibly stop the flow of creativity once the dam has been broke ? was the case when the old jelly cupboard doorknob was turned......In the morning we had hardy steel-cut oats, piping hot with a large dollop of Fig Jam.....indulgent for we humble tinkers of the abbey.
A cup of berry tea whilst cleaning up the aftermath of creative minds in high gear and then ,we packed up our suitcases, bid one another adieu .....until our next bi-monthly mingle. Care to join us?


  1. Lots of wonderful vintage items here ~ very creative and lovely blog ~
    enjoy ^_^

    ps. thanks for discovering my blog ~ glad to have you visit ^_^

  2. How luck to have a sister to play with. I love all the treasures in your stash. Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind comments.

  3. I'm practising up on my embroidery techniques and stitches...taking a class from Karen Ruane in the UK... putting together what she calls a 'wrapping cloth'... mine will probably be smaller... more like a little wall hanging or ..hey...maybe even a pin cushion if it is small enough.. just wrap it over and stitch up the other sides...depends on how the stitching goes...

    I wish I had some of my Mom's vintage embroidery ... I don't even know where those things disappeared to ... but, my Mom and Aunt used to stitch on all the tablecloths etc...

  4. What an amazing hoard! I love what you have done with the labels! My sister and I both craft, but not together, sadly; she lives in Sydney, Australia, I live in London!