Rooms of the Abbey

Thursday, March 28, 2013

 A wee road trip north today to discover some of the nearby areas since I am a bit of a newbie to Ohio. I stumbled upon a very tiny weathered clapboard home that had 2 rooms turned into a "store" by its elderly owners.
 "We were offering 50% off " said the old, white haired man whose twice as wrinkled wife with the forward curving spine completed his sentence...."Today it's 75% off! We are moving to Virginia next week and we are just too old and tired to move all this stuff so, come, take advantage of the elderly!" and she bellowed a hardy laugh.
 I purchased 4 "Grab Bags" of old jewelry as well as an enchanting vintage bone china teacup and saucer, from England , mint condition,,,,,,pale celadon background with detailed Columbine flowers painted on and edged in 24K gold. There were some really sweet finds in my Grab Bags, as you can see.
Everything was 6 bucks. I'm happy and will, forevermore, sip my mornings half cup of coffee from a garden of colorful Columbine.

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  1. Wow, what a marvellous haul! Some real treasures there. Here's to a new life in Virginia for that delightful couple and a new life with you for all those lovely things!