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Monday, April 8, 2013

Rockabilly Red~

 Same ole story ...too many projects at one time so, I've vowed to finish up this one-of-a-kind bandana red jean jacket.
I'll be adding more trim to the cuffs and some roses to the collar tabs....perhaps some rhinestones.  Any suggestions?
 **For those of you kind enough to be keeping Kelly in your prayers, her surgery had been rescheduled for today at 1pm central time. Last week as she was literally being wheeled into the operating room, they cancelled surgery due to her low WBC count caused by chemo. We again ask that you keep her in your thoughts today. We are so very appreciative of your kindness!


  1. What a gorgeously cheerful jacket! God be with you, Kelly.

  2. HI Darly, Im reading things out of order! I hope things went well for you sister today. Im sending up prayers for her... and for you and her family. she looks far to young to be dealing with cancer.
    keep us posted!

  3. Hi Darly, sorry to take so long to revisit you after you were so sweet to visit mine....I was away having surgery and it was a little bit harder to rebound.
    I am adding your sister to my prayer list, how is she doing? It is so hard to deal with the cancelling of her surgery just as she was going too.....but she needs her WBC to be higher and I think that was most important factor. How is her family? What handsome boys she has, and I pray her hair will come back just as beautiful as it is the photo!!!
    I love your repurposing of the gorgeous red jacket, it looks fabulous. Great apron too!!!

  4. Your bandana jean jacket is gorgeous! Way too nice to wear ... lol. I'm new to your blog so I am so sorry to hear about your sister Kelly. I hope her surgery went well. She will be in my prayers.

  5. Praying for Kelly - and your jacket rocks!

  6. Hi Abbey,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Your jacket looks lovely! Hope the operation went well and your sister will be ok!

    Madelief x