Rooms of the Abbey

Saturday, April 27, 2013

We've been a pickin' at the flea markets and a grinin' at our found booty......
 Loads of great vintage finds that we are tearing down and rebuilding into stunning, one of a kind creations such as this exquisite necklace....a mix of sapphire blue and aged pearl.....we've mingled into an art deco/art nouveau hybrid. We think it's gorgeous!
 Of course, no creative activity takes place without the persistent interruption of your darned cat. This is mine, Nod.
 This weekend is our high schools prom.........
 These are the lovely roses purchased by a certain suitor, my nephew, Steven. He and brother Jack are both looking forward to the evening. We are praying for fun and safety for all as our town will be abuzz tonight.
We are sorry to have been posting so randomly as of late but, now that we have the blessed news of Kellys health and this gorgeous spring weather, we will be up and creating in full force. Sipping up coffee and soaking up sunshine in the sunroom , we have our creative juices flowing and we hope yours are too!
Darly &Kelly


  1. Vintage finds, creative pursuits and enjoying a beautiful sunroom. Sounds like a wonderful time. Enjoy your spring!

  2. Your sapphire blue & pearl necklace is fantastic! So wonderful to have a new lease on life for all of you!